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It’s working!

September 7th, 2019|

I’m 42 and trying for the first time to have a baby. I started ovaboost 15 days ago when I started my period. For the first time in quite a while I have noticeable CM. I’m thrilled! Not to mention that I take the pills at bedtime and I’ve been sleeping great! My husband has been taking Fertilaid for about three months now so I’m hoping the combo does the trick for us. I’d give it 5 stars but I’ll wait til I’m pregnant!

*By Rachel

August 6th, 2019|

The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because I’m not pregnant yet. HOWEVER, I haven’t had my cycle in almost six months. I started taking the pills daily. This is my second bottle and my cycle came. It wasn’t as long or heavy as normal. I feel it is working ! Will update when I am pregnant. I want this to work soooo bad! We’ve been trying 3 years.

*By Donna

June 27th, 2019|

Has helped me be more regular with my cycle and ovulation now I feel makes a true difference and hopefully improving my egg quality!

*By Noel

34 and pregnant

June 4th, 2019|

We had been trying with baby #4 for a year and half. Each month I would never get a positive ovulation test but I started fertilaid 3 months prior and it did help regulate but still no ovulation then I bought ovaboost, only did it for a month, had a positive ovulation finally and 2 weeks later, positive pregnancy test! No I was not waiting to have sex for a positive ovulation test because you are most fertile a day or 2 before you ovulate but did the tests just to confirm ovulation. Now 11 weeks!

*By Stefanie Edge

Bought 3 bottles, pregnant after 1.5…

May 12th, 2019|

I am 35 with cysts on my ovaries (but not PCOS), I thought my eggs might need an extra boost so got these after reading all the great reviews. Don’t know if it is these or luck, but I got pregnant during my 2nd bottle! I am now giving the unused bottle to my friend whom is starting to TTC in a few months time 😁

*By FLing

May 9th, 2019|

Has helped regulate my cycle and nice at night to take with the small amount of melatonin in it

*By Noel

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