34 and pregnant

We had been trying with baby #4 for a year and half. Each month I would never get a positive ovulation test but I started fertilaid 3 months prior and it did help regulate but still no ovulation then I bought ovaboost, only did it for a month, had a positive ovulation finally and 2 [...]

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Bought 3 bottles, pregnant after 1.5…

I am 35 with cysts on my ovaries (but not PCOS), I thought my eggs might need an extra boost so got these after reading all the great reviews. Don’t know if it is these or luck, but I got pregnant during my 2nd bottle! I am now giving the unused bottle to my friend [...]

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Successful pregnancy after 12 years of infertility with one ovary and endometriosis

Thank you fairhaven for making mum after 12 years of trying. I tried fairhaven product in 2015 and get pregnant after 6 month but miscarried it at 8 weeks . I took the products again in 2016 and fell pregnant in May 2017 and delivered a beautiful baby girl in January 2018. It is a [...]

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So far I like it

I am 35 years old and TTC number 4. I know I am getting up there in age so I decided to start taking this. I like how it makes me feel. I have only been taking for about 3 weeks. 2 in morning 2 at night. I hope I conceive soon. Wishing babydust to [...]

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Im pregnant!

I had a history of 2 miscarriages ( both at about 5 weeks) the doctors had no explanation of why I had them. I was hurt diagnosed with anything. But now I’m 4 months pregnant and I have to give all the credit to God ,this product, and fertile cm. But 1st let me start [...]

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We have been trying for more than a year,All the tests are ok for both of us. I started taking ovaboost month ago, I always had regular periods but after taking ovaboost I had my period after 17 days! Now I confused if I should keep taking it or stop. I started taking ovaboost thinking [...]

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I started on the first day of my cycle, 4 tabs per day. It was my very first time to have a wonderful 25mm egg!! Im so happy, to think that it just my 1st month to try! will keep on using this! lovin it so much! *By agnes

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