We have been trying for more than a year,All the tests are ok for both of us. I started taking ovaboost month ago, I always had regular periods but after taking ovaboost I had my period after 17 days! Now I confused if I should keep taking it or stop. I started taking ovaboost thinking [...]

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I started on the first day of my cycle, 4 tabs per day. It was my very first time to have a wonderful 25mm egg!! Im so happy, to think that it just my 1st month to try! will keep on using this! lovin it so much! *By agnes

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I love all of fairhaven products especially ova boost! After ttc for years I was devastated that I couldn’t get pregnant. I started taking ova boost, fertile aid and fertile cm for a little over 8 months and I’m finally pregnant! 11 weeks to be exact. I conceived after faithfully taking the vitamins for those [...]

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I ordered Ovaboost to improve my egg quality. I’ve only been taking it for a little over a month. The 1st month I was over a week late & my cycles are always regular. I’m just coming off of a failed IVF so my cycle may just be getting back on track. Haven’t had a [...]

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I took ovaboost, detox and the tea bags for 30 days and ovulated for the first time on my own. I am 33 with pcos. I highly recommend these products *By Krystle

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In Nov 2015 I had a miscarriage it’s been two years I been trying to get pregnant in Oct 2018 I bought the ovaboost in Nov it will be my second month hopefully I get pregnant . *By Inez

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Messed up my cycles so far

So, I started taking this last month. I literally just took my last 4 pills form the first bottle last night. So far, it shortened my already regular 26-28 day cycle to 20 days last cycle and caused an early ovulation. Then I ovulated early again this cycle, an now today I am supposed to [...]

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Just re-ordered

I haven’t noticed a change in my cycle, but I know it can take a few cycles. I have noticed that I am getting better sleep so that is a plus. I take all 4 capsules at night rather than splitting them up through the day as i have a long commute. I am thinking [...]

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Love it

Ovva Boost has helped my periods to be more regular and really helps me sleep at night. I have to take them all at the same time in the evenings instead of throughout the day because it makes me tired. It doesn’t bother my stomach at all and so far I have been really pleased [...]

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