So, I started taking this last month. I literally just took my last 4 pills form the first bottle last night. So far, it shortened my already regular 26-28 day cycle to 20 days last cycle and caused an early ovulation. Then I ovulated early again this cycle, an now today I am supposed to be 6 dpo at CD 14 and I started a light period. I’m 43 years old and tried these pills trying to increase my egg quality since it’s said to diminish at my age. I just ordered a bottle of the Fertile CM in case my uterine lining is thin. Still going to continue to take the Ovaboost, but will maybe cut the dose in half. It’s only been one full bottle of Ovaboost, so I’m still going to start on the new bottle and pray and cross my fingers. I’m not giving up hope yet.

*By Josie